At the age of 20 Joana Almeida is already a very promising Fado singer. In 2015 she won the second prize at the RTP 1 television contest. Considered to be the best newcomer of the year, she performed at some biggest festivals of Fado such as "Caixa Alfama" and "Caixa Ribeira" as well as at the famous concert hall Casa da Música in Porto.

Samuel Cabral is one of the most respected Portuguese professional guitar player. Cabral has played with the greatest Fado singers, both at the iconic Fado venues (casas de fado) and in concert halls in Portugal and abroad. Cabral’s activity is divided among television, theatre and cinema. He is also a teacher of the art of the Portuguese guitar.

Paulo Faria de Carvalho started his classic guitar education at age of 13 and at 19 he began his career as a professional artist. He has performed at the nightspots of fado in Porto and at the concert halls all over the country. He also played at many international events and prestigious places such as the Palace of Congresses in Strasbourg, the Tchekov Festival in Russia and Theatre de la Ville in Paris. Paulo takes part in theatre pieces and several programs of the Portuguese state television RTP.